Our consultation services range from simple advice based on hourly fees to specifications writing & review.
We will meet with you, survey your property and identify the MINIMUM CODE REQIREMENTS for your building in a written report.
Unique circumstances needing clarification from your local Building and/or Fire Department can researched and options explored.
In short, we will stay with YOUR project as long as you need us to get the most cost effective and successful installation possible!


We will conduct a thorough survey of every inch of your property to identify ALL potential code requirements.
We will conduct a thorough survey of your property to find the cleanest, least intrusive and most cost effective method of installing a fire alarm in your building.


Your building is subject to most, if not all of the following codes:
NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association)
Life Safety 101
NEC (National Electrical Code)
Florida Building Code
ADA (American Disabilities Act)
Local City and/or County Ordinances
U.L. (Underwriter's Laboratory)
Local Fire Departments have some leeway in interpreting the national codes as do the electrical inspectors. Every city/county has their own slight difference in code compliance expectations. What applies in one city may not apply in a neighboring city.It is our job to point out these differences, make sure you understand them and follow through applying ONLY those codes that effect your property.
Our fire alarm designers are full time professionals. That's ALL they do, design fire alarms. And, with 100's of projects just like yours under their belts, you will be assured of a first class, quality design suitable for budgeting, bidding and installation.
1. QuickSpecs - On our "TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUILDING" page you can get immediate informatiion based on the description you give us of the details regarding your building. This is a simple way to acquire the basic minimums needed and educate yourself before talking to fellow residents, board/association members, prospective contractors and even the fire department. Take advantage of this inexpensive educational tool. It might be all you need.
2. Fire Alarm Specifications - Larger or more complex properties will do well by taking advantage of a full, professional assessment of their property taking into consideration the physical aspects of the building, code requirements and local deviations. This service provides you with a set of documents taylored to your building and location sufficient for rough budgeting, bidding and even permitting clarification.
3. Fire Alarm Design - Let us design your fire alarm to such detail that there can be NO misunderstanding as to what's needed and how it will get done. We will take your old drawings (or search for them at your local building dept.) and/or walk and measure the complete property. Your building will then be drawn using the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) techniques. After which we will lay out EVERY necessary minimum code requirement that applies to your building and deliver five (5) sets of 'bid ready' documents and digital drawing files for contracting and/or permitting. You can also use these building drawings for other projects in the future.

We can give you a rough budget amount within two hours of reviewing your information and/or surveying your building.
Don't be confused by huge bid differences. There is a right amount and a fair amount and you should pay no more for your fire alarm than is absolutely necessary. A rough budget should be accurate within 20% so you can plan accordingly.
This is the best way to keep your costs in line with expectations. 'Not to Exceed' pricing does require a full set of design drawings and specifications but this way you CANNOT be taken advantage of at the end of the project. NTE budgeting should be within 5% of actual costs with a buffer (not shared with your contractor) of 5 - 10% for unforseen problems.

Let us help you identify quality fire alarm contractors worthy of executing your project in a cost effective and timely manor.
Fire alarm contractors, just like other contractors, are not created equal. There are but a few fire alarm contractors in southeast Florida truly capable and prepared to conduct a proper innstallation. There will be many new small contractors without experience trying to get your business. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is so be careful.
Let us thoroughly check the credentials, financial strength, current workload and past performance before you ask for pricing!

After you have requested bids from prospective fire alarm contractors, let us determine on your behalf, if the bids are legitimate. Making sure nothing is left out and nothing YOU DON'T NEED is included will avoid all the obvious problems and unnecessary costs.
Not only will we check the accuracy of the pricing but also the contractor's plan of attack for your project.

Whether you draw up a contract or you have your lawyer do it we can help make sure the technical aspects are covered sufficiently that there are no misunderstandings down the road. If you don't have a contract and/or your fire alarm contractor of choice is presenting their contract, we can help. If none of the above options are available we can draw up a solid contract for you.


Once your contract is signed and the project underway, take advantage of our knowledge and experience in fire alarm installations. We can manage the project on your behalf, set ground rules & benchmarks and then conduct full 'third party' inspections assuring that the work is done to the highest standards, that any conflict or dispute is handled immediately and codes are faithfully followed.


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